TNN currently maintains an aggressive capital expansion philosophy by adding and upgrading its equipment to meet the stringent demands of a progressive industry. By employing state of the art CNC technology for turning, milling, drilling, tapping and deburring, TNN can guarantee the precision machining required for holding tight tolerances and consistent quality.

While it being impossible to convey our entire equipment portfolio through this form of medium, we have illustrated and described just a portion of our manufacturing assets to demonstrate our capabilities.

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TNN New Equipment

New Equipment

5Axis: DMU 210FD, 5axis Mill and Turning Centre 1800mm, 2100mm, 1250mm (71"X, 85"Y, 49.25"Z). State of the Art Multi axis complete machining - Mill turn, VTL able 80″ table; DMC100 and DMC64 DuoBLOCK machines.

4 Axis: DMU 65 MonoBlock, 2X(OKK KCV800), 4X Mori H8800 35″ - 2 pallets 5x (Kuraki KBT13, 118X90″y, 60″z, 30,000 lbs Table 71″x79″), 4x Matsura CNC mills, 4x (EC1600 – CNC Horizontal Mill, 10,000 lbs table load)

3 Axis: 6x (Mori NV7000, 2xVF9) Hass, Mazak, Matsura 2 Axis: 10x (Moriseiki SL-603, Dainichi B105 16.8″ thru bore, 4000mm, 4xMazak SQT Samsung SL45, 3x Hardinge Conquest 65 Lathe, AmeriSeiki 2x)

VTL: 6x (OM Vertical Lathe up to 120″ dia x 80″ under rail; 40,000 lbs load)

Mill/Turn: Moriseiki NLX2500 SY complex machining table, Niigata 80D, Niigata 901 - 2APC.

5 Axis
TNN New Equipment