TNN Welder

Should your manufacturing requirements necessitate the need for our welding services, TNN can offer such service in accordance with the desired standards and codes mandated. All welders are certified under ASME and are experienced in fabrication and construction and can perform welding services on all grades of stainless steel, carbon steel, high and low temp alloys, as well as exotics such as titanium, monel and inconel.

TNN WPS Weld Procedure Spec are (DNV and ABS approved) Below:

> GTAW-P INconel 625 WPS available: 4130, 8630, F22 and 718 material

> GTAW-P 316 SS, GTAW-P Stellite 6: 4140

> SAW Welding Process - Inconel 625 (4130)

TNN 's WPS qualified for PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) in compliance with ASME section IX

TNN Welder
CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) services

TNN metrology lab certified inspection with virtually unlimited dimensional inspection capabilities utilizing unsurpassed quality measuring equipment and software from Zeiss CMM - Our ultra large precision Gantry Zeiss CMM can inspect extra-large parts up to 197" x 160" x 60" and weight up to 30,000 lbs. TNN had a largest CMM in Houston area.

> Unlimited Dimensional Inspection

> CMM Zeiss Accura - Calypso from Zeiss

> Gantry CMM MMB Calypso Software from Zeiss

> Full Metrology lab - Included 30" Comparator

Surface Finish Technology

Over the years, we have experienced a variety of industries have developed increasingly stringent quality standards for its metal components. Many of them are especially concerned with flecks of metal and other contamination that can inhibit the proper functioning of the component or cause contamination. The electro-polishing process has proved to be effective in removing micro burrs and other surface contaminants that may break loose after machining.

In addition, the electro-polishing greatly improves corrosion resistance which is especially critical for welded assemblies that are exposed to a variety of conditions. TNN provides these electro-polishing and passivation services to ensure smooth surfaces and contaminate free products.